Anwender Konferenz

Anwenderkonferenz 2019: Call for Papers - "Vienna calling. Technical but fun!"

Anwenderkonferenz 2019: Call for Papers - "Vienna calling. Technical but fun!"

30.12.2018 bis 03.03.2019



Our Call for Papers is open now !

We want to put the upcoming AOUG User Conference 2019 under the motto "Vienna calling. Technical but fun!"

If you would like to actively participate in the user conference by your presentation, please consider the following dates:

• 03.03.2019: Submission deadline for your presentation
• 08.04.2019: Fixing of lectures & feedback regarding your submission

You want to present your company? If you want to present your company in the context of the user conference, this is also possible in the context of our marketing packages. If you are interested, please contact Bernhard Halbetel (

For the submission of your presentation

Please use the form from the download area of ​​this page. For publication (mailings and information for the participants of the conference in the conference folders), we also need a suitable photo of you and the logo of your company and the link with which we may deposit your company logo - please send us everything at the same time the form to (

We point out that in principle only those contributions are included in the shortlist, the authors of a copyright harmless to the publication of the content of the invitation at the invitation and in the AOUG media (download file for the presentation, if necessary video recording during the conference) to expressly agree. You will receive the decision of the panel of experts until April 8, 2019, followed by information about the final program of our conference.

We hope to welcome you as a speaker and look forward to an interesting and exciting User Conference 2019!


Dejan Topalovic
Dejan Topalovic


Dejan Topalovic