"Aim High" - Exklusiver 3-stündiger Workshop mit Andrew Holdsworth

"Aim High" - Exklusiver 3-stündiger Workshop mit Andrew Holdsworth



Tech Gate Vienna
Donau-City-Straße 1
1220 Wien

11:15 - 14:15 Workshop
Andrew Holdsworth
Oracle Corporation


Im Rahmen der Anwender Konferenz bietet Andrew Holdsworth einen exklusiven 3-stündigen Workshop an:

Andrew Holdsworth, Senior Director Real World Performance, Database Development, Oracle.

Andrew has worked with Real World Performance for 22 years.  

The Real World Performance Group consists of 20+ Database Performance Specialists with 300+ Years of Oracle Performance Experience based 9 countries and 3 continents around the world.  The team is continually finding new and innovative ways to apply Oracle Technology to speed up Real World Performance Challenges.

Workshop: "Aim High"

The theme for this workshop will be "Aim High". The main message with this presentation will be to encourage Oracle Database Professionals to think about how to exploit the full potential of the Oracle Database and Exadata Hardware combination. Many Customers have successfully implemented Oracle Database on Exadata Hardware to achieve order of magnitude performance gains when running existing applications.

This presentation will describe the true potential of the Software/Hardware platform when used optimally and creatively to produce innovative solutions to old and new data processing problems.

The presentation will hopefully inspire Oracle professionals to aspire for excellence or "Aim high" when solving database challenges rather the standard industry approach of "good enough" because "good enough" is rarely acceptable tomorrow.  This is the philosophy of the Real World Performance group.

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Oracle DBAs und Oracle Entwickler im Allgemeinen

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Dipl.Ing. Roland Willhalm
Dipl.Ing. Roland Willhalm
AOUG - Development


Dipl.Ing. Roland Willhalm



11:15 - 14:15: Workshop
Track 1
Andrew Holdsworth
Andrew Holdsworth